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Alfalfa SproutsKalePotatoesSpinach - PkgApricots
   Cups / MixedFlowering Kale   Calif - 50#   Baby SpinichAvacados
   7 Salad / SpciyKohlrabi   Gold Potato 5#   Bunch Spinach
AniseLeeks   Idaho BoxSpring Mix-BulkBananas - G
ArtichokesLettuce - Bibb   10# IdahoBananas - R
Asparagus   Boston   5# IdahoSquash-MixedBlackberries
Beans   Romaine   Mich Potato - 10#   AcornBlueberries
   Green   Romaine Hearts   Mich Potato - 5#   ButtercupCranberries
   French   Cello   Red Potato - 5#   ButternutRasberries
   Pole / Wax   Leaf   Red Potato A B   HubbardStrawberries Bulk Pk
Beets - bn 25#   Red Leaf   Red Potato 3# B   SpaghettiCherries
Bean Sprouts-5#   Pkg Red Potato   Summer YellowCider - Gal
Bean Sprouts-PkgMushroom   White Pot. -3#B   ZucchiniCider - 1/2 Gal
Bok Choy   Silver Dollar   Pkg White PotatoSwisschard Gr-RedCoconuts
Broccolini   12 oz Mushroom   Microwave Pot.Swisschard B.L.Grapefruit
Broccoli-14   14 oz Mushroom   5# Grapefruit
Broccoli Crown   1 # MushroomRaddish- 1# 6oz.Tomatoes   23 Red Grapefruit
Broccoli - Flower   8 oz MushroomBunch RadishSalad Tomatoes   40 Red Grapefruit
Broccoli - Slaw   Sliced 8 ozRadicchioCherry TomatoesGrapes-Red Globe
Brussel Sprouts   BlendRapiniGrape Tomatoes   Black
Cabbage   VarietyRhubarbGreen House Torn   Green
Red CabbagePortabella-5#RutabagaRoma Tomatoes   Red
Red Cabbage-Pkg   Sliced Pkg PortVine Tomatoes
   Whole Pkg PortSalad Mix - 1#Basket TomatoesKiwi
Carrots - 1# 2#   Port-in-SauceSalad Mix - 2#TomatilloLemons 75 95
Carrots 3# 5#   Pkg ShitakeSalad Mix-6 oz.Turnips-25# cello   Lemons 2# Bag
Bunch Carrots   Baby Bella   AmericanYams-#1Limes
Cool Carrots   Slice Baby Bella   CasearYams-JumboMangos
Mini - Carrots-1#Nappa   Crmy Garl Caes.Stir FryWatermelon w/seeds
Mini - Carrots-2#Okra   EuropeanBasil Bag TubWatermelon Seedless
3 oz - Snak Pak   FrenchW Cress-(bag)   Honeydew
Shred Carrot PkgOnions-3#   Greener SelectEB-Org bb spring Mix   Cantaloupe
Carrot Stix pkg.Green Onions   ItalianEB-Orgg bb spinach   Bambino Melon
Match Stix CarrotMed Dry Onions-50#   MediterraneanEB-Org bb romaineNectarines
Sweet Petite Carr.OSO Sweet   Romaine BlendEB-Org ArrugulaOranges 4# Bag
Red Onions   Romano ChzEB-Org Herb   8# Oranges
Cauliflower 9 12Spanish Onions   Spring Mix - Pkg   36 48 56 Oranges
Celery SleeveVidalia Onions   SunflowerApples - Braeburn   72 Oranges
Celery HeartsWhite Onions-2#   Field Greens   Cameo   88 Oranges
Celery Stix Pkg.White Onions-50#   Butter Leaf   Pink Lady113 Oranges
Cilantro   L/F Caesar   Empire5# Florida Juice
Cole Slaw-DoleParsley   Org-Baby Lettuce   FujiJuice Oranges
Angel Hair Cole SlawParsely - Flat   Org-Baby Spinach   Gala
Parsnips 20# cello   Org-Spring Mix   125 GalaPapayas
CornPea Pods   Org-Hrts of Rom   125 Golden DelPeaches
CucumbersSnap Peas   Shred Lettuce   Gold DelPears - Green
English CukesPeppers   Very Veggie   3# Golden Del   Bosc
pkg. Mini Cukes   Green   Just Lettuce   125 Granny   Red
Dandelions   Anaheim   Classic Romaine   Granny SmithGold Pineapples
Dill   Cubanelle   Heart of Romaine   3# GrannyPlums - Black
Egg Plant   Fingerhot   Family Greener   Ida - 3#Plums - Red
Baby Egg Plant   Habanero   Baby Spinach   JonagoldStar Fruit
Endive   Hungarian Hot   Baby Spin/red leaf   Jonathan - 3#Tangerines
Belgium Endive   Jalapeno   Calm bb spin   Mac - 3#Tangelos
Escarole   Orange   Calm bb rom   Mac - 5#Temples
Tube Garlic   Pablano   Calm spring mix   Mac - TrayClementines - Gift
Garlic - 30#   Red   9 oz. Spinach   Paula Red - 3#Mineolas
Ginger Root   Serrano   Fam. Cl. Rom   125 Red Del.
Collard Greens   Yellow   Butter Crunch   Red Del
Mustard Greens   Rainbow   Hearts Delight   3# Red Del.
Turnip GreensPickles   Asian Crunch   5# Red Del.
Jicama   Ps - Cl. Rom.   Red Rome - 3#
   Ps - Italian   Red Rome - Bulk
   Ps - Field Green

Aunt Mid Fruit CupOrganicsPearsonDelMonte JarsYves Products
   Cantaloupe   Carrot - 1# Mini   8oz Cole Slaw   Ambrosia   Veggie Penne
   Honeydew   Carrot - 2# Bulk   1# Cole Slaw   Citrus Salad   Veggie Lasagna
   Mixed Melon   Lettuce - Leaf   Red Cole Slaw   Apricot   Veggie Chili
   Mixed Fruit   Lettuce - Red Lf.   Tofu - Firm   Pink Grapefruit   Lemon Chicken
   Pineapple   Lettuce- Rom.   Tofu-XFirm   White Grapefruit   Mac-N-Cheese
   Watermelon   Romaine Hearts   Tofu Lite   Mango   Santa Fe
   Celery Hearts   Tofu Lit - XFirm   Mixed Fruit   Good Burger
Bolt House Juices   Cauliflower   Dried Cherry   Peach   Ground Round
   Orange   Tomatoes Bulk   Dried Cranberry   Pear   Bologna Slice
   Carrot   Tomato - Grape   Oriental Stir Fry   Pineapple   Turkey Slice
   Passion   3# Gala   F.S. Car/Cel Stix   Premium Mix   Ham Slice
   Vedge   3# Gold   F.S. Carrot Stix   Tropical Mix   Salami Slice
   Good/Green   3# Red   F.S. Celery Stix   Mandarin Orng.   Canadian Bacon
   Straw/Banana   3# Granny   Veg. Tray w/Dip   Papaya   Good Dog
   Protien   Broccoli   Grapefruit-Single   Chili Dog
   Berry Boost   4# Orange   Peach-Single   Slice - Cheddar
   Mango/Lemon   Avacado   Pineapple-Single   Slice - American
   5# Idaho   Tropical-Single   Slice - Mozz.
Pom Juices   BananaChinese Items   Slice - Jalap.
   Cherry   Yarn   Baby CornLife House Dips   Shred - Mozz.
   Pomegranate   Zucchini   Bamboo Shoot   Avacado   Shred - Cheddar
   Tangerine   Kiwi   Eggroll Wrap   Dill / Dip
   Mango   2# Lemons   Wonton Wrap   Jalp / Cheddar
   Blueberry   Water Chestnut   Onion Dip
   47oz Pomegran.Herbs - Tubs   Fortune Cookie   Ranch
   Asst Herbs 12pk   Chow Mein   Sala RanchNuts
   Asst Herbs 24pk   Almonds
   Arrugula (3pk)   Chestnuts
Ready-Pac Chef   Basil   Mixed Nuts
Ready-Pac CK/Caesar   Bay LeavesSnap pea - Ceasar   Pecans
Ready - Pac Cobb    Chives   Original   Pean-Roast Pkg
Ready-Pac Greek   Cilantro   Pean-Roast Bulk
Rdy-Pac Spin/Bac.   Dill   Pecan-Salt Pkg
Rdy-Pac Spring Veg   Italian ParsleyMisc. Apples   Pecan-Salt Bulk
   Majoram   Carmel 1 pk.   Pistachios Pkg
   Mint   Carmel 3 pk.   Pistachios Bulk
   Oregano   Sliced GalaGarlic Expressions   Walnut Meat Pkg
Salsa-Mild   Poultry Bouquet   Sliced GrannyHon. Must. Gar Ex
   Hot   Rosemary
   Garlic   Sage
   Living Basil

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